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We value people

Think. Work with passion. Have an opinion, and do something with it. Inspire. Be nimble. And always be bold. Collaborate. Operate with extreme transparency. Challenge everything wisely, and have a holistic vision to solve a business problem. Working at CompIQ means that you’ll be surrounded by colleagues who are constantly pushing boundaries, thinking two steps ahead of the curve, and meeting the high standards we set for ourselves.

Our Values


People come first, always

People build great products. People build great companies. Hiring right will always trump hiring fast. Our focus on people extends to core teammates, investors, advisors, and everyone else associated with CompIQ.


Principles, ethics, and moral standards

A principle is a fundamental truth that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior. Strong ethics and moral standards serve as the foundation of CompIQ. We fight relentlessly for things like user privacy and equality.


Be kind whenever possible

A great team embraces every one of its members. Its members genuinely enjoy working with each other. Being kind isn't always easy and requires special dedication. We do not tolerate arrogance or discrimination of any form.


Building right > building fast

We’re building mission critical software in a space that has been hidden behind closed towards for decades; trust is a prerequisite. Quality and reliability take priority.


Actions > appearance

What we do and how we act matters more than what we say. CompIQ opts out of startup vanity like PR and self-promotion. Externally, we’ll be judged by our impact on the world. Internally, we’ll be judged by our impact on the company.


Internal conviction > groupthink

We don’t follow the norm. We boil things down to their first principles and build conviction before taking action. Social proof and groupthink are proven to fail and cause irrational behavior.

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