Compensation meets machine learning

CompIQ provides business-grade compensation recommendations and benchmarking for each individual employee at your firm.

How CompIQ empowers you

CompIQ combines machine learning with proprietary data streams and enterprise workflow integration to automate and personalize the entire compensation process.

Benchmark & calibrate compensation

Create personalized peer groups

Automate the compensation process

Ensure proper documentation on the objective basis

Compare how your department metrics stack up

Compare & align employees to market norms

Align + Normalize

Align job descriptions, map job families, and functional titles to a standardized approach while taking into account specific employee responsibilities.

Customize + Benchmark

Create dynamic personalized peer groupings at both a firm and department level so that you are benchmarking against the firms that an individual would most like go to.

Calibrate + Automate

Calibrate compensation recommendations on an employee level in real-time considering all firm, market, and employee factors.

Manage + Monitor

Keep track of all employees in a centralized system and quickly identify employees that are underpaid or overpaid in real time.

Analyze + Communicate

Create reports, cut and re-cut data by employee, title, department, fund-type advised, or by employee and analyze scenarios to get a full picture of organizational metrics.

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